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I make art for iOS games during the day, and then make art for random cool things at night. Occasionally I sleep.

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Screaming over the commissions I have. Like, I am so excited to draw all the things. You all have no idea.


Getting a test back like…


Rabbits are MADE of judgement. The have better judging face than cats.

Best piece of hair advice: Baby powder applied on the underside of your bangs to starch then up and keep them off your forehead.


I have avoided having bangs for AGES because, well, one, my mom cut my hair when I was little and I was TERRIFIED to have scissors that close to my eyes, so I just decided not to have bangs anymore. Then I continued to keep them gone as I couldn’t stand having them on my forehead.

Like whoa.

This is kind of my “soft” announcement for the Patreon I set up today! I’m working on some art specifically for posting it on Tumblr and elsewhere, but I’m impatient, so I’m at least going to throw the link up here.

Supporters will get access to concepts and lore writings for the comic in development featuring my little blue haired alien girl, Altra, along with a sketchbook all your own with art I won’t be posting anywhere else (well, I may share some tidbits to entice people). There’s also a $25 tier in which you get a digital sketch of a single character of your choosing. You could get art from me EVERY MONTH. Whoa.


three words every girl wants to hear:


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literally if youre ever sad just imagine hermann gottlieb trying to do a fist bump with you but instead just slaps your fist and does his cheesy little smile there is literally no way to be sad after thinking about that

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Okay!  So here’s the deal - my hubby has been in between jobs (due to something outside of his control) and we’ve basically exhausted all of our savings and small amount of credit and we’re literally two weeks away from not being able to pay for anything - not the utilities, the mortgage, food, nothing.  While we have been looking at local resources to get what help we can, we’ve pretty well exhausted that also and now I need to raise as much money as I can in order for us to not be in such a bad place in two weeks. There are job prospects on the horizon, but even if he was hired tomorrow (which would be awfully optimistic to believe) it will not be in time to stop us from being in trouble in two weeks.

These sketches are from my last round of sketch commissions and it’s a good example of what you might get if you hire me!  I am taking them on right now up until April 28th.  All sketch commissions I take on during this time will be finished by the end of the month (and completed in the order received).

I am asking $5 base payment for a sketch.  I also ask that you please send it via paypal with FEES COVERED.  Any additional amount you send as a tip or donation is greatly appreciated.  Not required!  But certainly appreciated.  You can hire me for as many sketches as you want.  I can’t guarantee color but it may or may not have color or greyscale shading.  

I need to raise $200-300 AT LEAST.  Please help by either hiring me or passing this along (even outside of tumblr if you know someone you think might be interested!).  

I am also available for regular commissions and I have a post OVER HERE with price listings and examples. 

Paypal me payment at briannedahlin@hotmail.com and send along any refs or information about character appearance either in the notes for Paypal or as a separate email to the same address (please specify which paypal addy is yours if it’s under a different one).  Please no “furry” or mech based chars.

EDIT TO ADD - $5 covers a single character.  If you want me to put two chars together in a couple pic you can request it ($5 each char), but I can’t guarantee that I’ll do it and they may be pictured separately  (however, throwing a tip my way will sure help make sure I comply with the request lol).

Excuse me while I reblog :)  I have raised $25 so far and need lots more - hire me please! :)

sorry if you have to see this multiple times from me followers, I promise I’ll only bump it a few more times between now and the end of the month!

Brianne draws some fine ladies, so get on this. Like, I can see some awesome GW2 or WildStar characters done by her!

Dear self:

Your outline for your Pacific Rim fanfic is longer than any of your development for your two original stories.

Seriously self, we should have priorities. I know kaiju babies are cute, but GEEZ.

Attempting to set up a Patreon and just flailing about wondering if anyone would even subscribe to it, and what the heck rewards I should do.

I dunno man.

Oh shit. I need to draw my Mother kaiju again now that I have a size chart. She’s HUGE. She pretty much dwarfs everything in that picture. And really, the little human figure in that linked art is horribly inaccurate.

Oh man. Someone remind me to do this. Especially since she has a bigger part in some Pacific Rim AU ideas now.