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Today I received my Ava’s Demon Kickstarter rewards! Let me just say, this thing is GORGEOUS. This was worth every dollar I had backed. The prints are wonderful, the stickers (and man, I don’t even LIKE stickers but these are wonderful), the KEY, and the beautiful hard back book.

Truth-to-tell I backed the Kickstarter because I couldn’t read Ava’s Demon online. The one panel per page format was just tedious for me to click through and it ruined the experience. I needed this book to enjoy it. And I am so glad I took the risk and backed it without really having gotten into it.

This is- this is a hard reward to surpass guys. This is the kind of quality I would want if I ever did something similar with my own work.

When you finish a commission and realize you got half of it COMPLETELY WRONG.

I read the email multiple times and I did not register one part and my brain filled it in with INCORRECT INFORMATION. I AM SO ANGRY AT MYSELF RIGHT NOW.

But hey, this is why I keep the original unflattened PSDs for everything I do.

I don’t usually care about getting things signed, but I would kill to get a print of one of my Newt and Hermann pieces signed by Burn and Charlie. That would just be the best.

I’ve only gotten one thing signed by someone before, and that was one of my MLP prints signed by Tara Strong while she was browsing the vendors hall at EverfreeNW. I gave that print to my mom so she could hang and put it in her therapy office since she sees a lot of kids.

Okay, I guess I got a hardback of The Bellmaker signed by Brian Jacques and one of my hardback Temeraire novels signed by Naomi Novik.  Those are the two I went out of my way to get. I just… don’t pursue signatures that much.


The lunar eclipse last week was cool. Apparently, the earth’s atmosphere bends red light onto the moon during the eclipse and red light is the part of the visible spectrum least affected by the atmosphere! I thought the red moon kind of looked like an egg when you candle it during development.

Kurogane was my favorite aside from Yuuko. Love this piece!

Anyone know of any good documentation (or book I could get through iBooks) about schizophrenia? And specifically perhaps self harm with schizophrenia?

If it’s part of a larger thing about other mental issues, I’m cool with that too. It’s a fascinating subject anyway, so more reading material is always good.

Dr. Newton ‘first off, how dare you’ Geiszler, phD [x]

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  • but what about flemeth

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I’m going to bed at 4AM. BUT, I did initial sketches for THREE commissions today, finished a Bunday, answered some emails, and played some GW2.

Nice full day I think.